Alisha Meyer -Traditional Birth Attendant and Birth Sister


My love for serving women in their childbearing years started at my little sisters birth at home in 2013. I was present for my moms prenatal appointments and her birth, in that a spark was kindling! Nine months later, we approached her midwife and asked if there were books or courses she could recommend for me to do just to get my toes wet! She saw something in me and threw me straight into apprenticeship, she taught be how to read urinalysis strips and palate baby’s position and so much more! She was so generous with her time and wisdom; I spent 8 years with her and her families. Thank you to those women and their families for welcoming me into their stories and being patient with me as I learned. Some women I got to serve through 4 pregnancies!

My heart for birth and women has been seen through years of sitting at their feet serving them during their births. I am a graduate of The Indie Birth Midwifery School. I am active in pursuing continuing education whether through personal deeper study, breech and twins training, resolving shoulder dystocia’s, Postpartum Mother Roasting, CPR/NRP training, and much more. Our scope of walking together is wide and covers many areas, because our birth journeys are only the tip of the iceberg of what we’re being invited into! I am first and foremost a tool for the hands of our Creator. I am not a licensed midwife or certified professional midwife, I am not a doctor, nurse, or nurse-midwife. I am an autonomous, traditional, radical woman that walks with women. I have relationships with local midwives should there be a medication or test option that you would like to take advantage of, that we don’t have access to. 

My passion for freedom of birth choices is also seen through my own unassisted pregnancy and birth with my daughter in 2023 – to read my birth story and watch it (!) head to my Instagram, @birthcultivated

Through a Faith Based Private Family Health and Education Ministry (Birth Cultivate Ministries) I am here to walk with you as you discover and sit in your power as a birthing woman! Whether we’re walking together regularly for 7+ months, or you choose a la carte appointments and birth, I still strive to serve you fully and uplift you to see Christ more