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Whipped Tallow


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.: Whipped grass-fed tallow and olive oil infused with a blend of organic calendula flowers and rose petals

.: Intentionally essential oil free

.: Luscious as body butter and so loving for skin that’s asking for support (eczema, rashes, diaper rash, dry skin)

.: 6 drops of your desired essential oil will give this a light fragrance, fold or briefly whip the oil in.  This tallow is not scented by us.



As the weather warms up in the next few months, there is the chance that your tallow balm could melt en route.

If your whipped tallow balm arrives melted, simply pour it into a bowl, allow it to solidify at room temperature, then use a hand mixer to whip it right back up and place the product back in your jar. The product will not lose its healing properties or nutrient profile. It can also be used as a solid balm if melted.


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