Alisha Meyer -Traditional Birth Attendant and Birth Sister

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For the woman seeking the inside scoop on serving in sovereignty, she’s looking for more past her education and apprenticeship. She’s looking to apprentice at the feet of women and birth. 24/7 direct messaging access for questions and voice memos and up to 60 mins of video chatting a month in addition to my pregnancy education archive, protocols, and all education/paperwork available to my pregnant private members! My serving, education, protocols, methods are an open book to you!

The price for membership is $440.00 per Year.

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Mother’s Nettle offers monthly or annual access, providing you with complete access to our online Resource Well. This valuable resource equips you with everything necessary for mother-led diagnoses and holistic healing measures. Additionally, explore my stories and protocols to seize health opportunities during your birthing year.

Motherwort‘s monthly or annual membership gives complete access to our online Resource Well. Enjoy additional benefits of texting communication access and two 30-minute voice/video chats each month. These sessions are crafted for sister connection, personalized guidance, collaborating on a healing blueprint, mentoring, or gaining a holistic second opinion to complement your unique story.