Alisha Meyer -Traditional Birth Attendant and Birth Sister

My Offerings

Ways I can serve you

Ministering and cultivating a relationship together

Walking together during your birthing year and beyond, with you as the final authority. Woman – centered.

Responsible to you, not for you

Nutritional and clinical guidance

Providing tools, hands, experience, and knowledge for you to borrow

Offerings by
Pay-What-You-Can Donations

Primary Holistic
Birth Care

Prenatal, birth support, postpartum care


(Pool and supplies included)

Placenta Encapsulation



Research, Resources, & Recipes Packet

(RRR Packet)



60 minute personalized virtual consulting call

(RRR Packet included)



À la carte in-person prenatal consulting appointment

(RRR Packet included)



À la carte birth attendance

(RRR Packet, 36 weeks prenatal and 24-hour postpartum visit included)

3 total prenatal appointments required unless discussed otherwise.
(pool and supplies included)



À la carte postpartum care



Hour long consultation appointment for serving you