Alisha Meyer -Traditional Birth Attendant and Birth Sister

Postpartum Offerings

Ways I Can Minister To You

3 Hour Postpartum Closing Session

In home rose infused black sesame oil massage, yoni steam, ceremonial herbal bath, closing of the bones, and birth story telling

Al la Carte Healing

Yoni/Vaginal Steam Session Customized herbal blend. In home 20-30 min steam session. Loaner steam box included.  

Bengkung Belly Binding and Warm Oil Womb Massage – 1 hour appointment. Belly Bind and Oil provided. 

Closing of the bones and Herbal Bath Session – 2 hour appointment. Custom herbal blend with snacks, and candles for the bath. Relax and integrate your birth experience. 


Homemade Healing Meals

Main dishes, snacks, and drinks all intentionally created to support your body in healing and nourishing while you create and love


– Belly Binding – 

– A traditional practice originating from Malaysia, but seen throughout history in many cultures!

– Belly binding provides support to the abdominal muscles and helps them regain their tone and strength after childbirth. It can help t alleviate back pain and give stability to you core

– The compression and support help improve posture by guiding you upright while breastfeeding and carrying baby

– Binding gently help realign the pelvis and give stability where ligaments ad joints have gone loose and unstable from hormones

– Binding may also help increase blood circulation which can help reduce swelling, bruising, and inflammation to promote faster healing of your tissues

– Binding can also provide a sense of comfort and security


 – Vaginal/Yoni Steaming – 

– Helps soften and melts blood clots in the lochia for easy passing- Reduces uterine swelling

– Reduces excessive vaginal discharge

– Eliminates foul odors

– Enhances the healing of tears and cuts in the vaginal area

– Helps tighten the pelvic floor muscles

– Reduces the possibility of vaginal infection and itchiness

– Helps cleanse and deodorize the vaginal area (the vagina is actually great at self-cleaning. when we say that it helps cleanse, we mean that it supports the overall system giving it strength to do its job with more ease!)

– Known as a uterine lavage to help cleanse the uterine membrane


– Postpartum Nutrition – 

– What you eat postpartum dictates your healing process repair of damaged tissues, and restores depleted nutrient stores

– Lactating mamas need extra calories and nutrient dense foods to ensure adequate milk supply and provide essential nutrients to baby. Some specific nutrients you may want to focus on would be protein, omega-3’s, fat, minerals, and vitamins! 

– Taking care of a newborn is physically demanding and can be exhausting, nutrient dense foods can help provide the energy needed to cope with these demands! 

– Hormonal fluctuations after birth are normal, to an extent! balanced meals with sufficient protein, fat, and minerals help to stabilize your blood sugar ad support your hormonal regulation

– Nutrient deficiencies can make our mood swings bigger and affect our mental well-being. Protein, fat, and minerals can support brain health, and help regulate mood. Postpartum depression/anxiety are closely linked to nutrient deficiencies