Alisha Meyer -Traditional Birth Attendant and Birth Sister


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    Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. For our birth story, things went a little sideways from the start. When our plans for a home delivery dissipated, and it became clear that a hospital delivery was necessary, it was so very possible for the fear and anxiety to begin setting in. However, from those first moments, Alisha’s calm and comforting demeanor had us feeling confident in the unknown.
    We spent several days in the hospital for this delivery and Alisha was by our side from the moment things began to become challenging. Alisha showed my husband how to support me through the contractions, coached me through breathing and pain management and reminded me that I was strong enough and brave enough to get through such a challenging time.
    It felt as though there was one obstacle after another that occurred during my labor, but for each one was one I was informed of my options, reminded that this was my birth and my labor and surrounded by care and support at evert moment.
    I truly believe that without Alisha’s guidance, support and information that we would have had an entirely different outcome. Alisha changed the course of our lives with her love, light, knowledge and positivity. I can never thank her enough for what she’s done for us!

    J. Wanta

    I am so thankful for Alisha! I live in a different state, but she was more than willing to do a Birth Sister phone call with me! She was so helpful and gave me such great information and resources. She answered all of my questions and talked me through things I hadn’t thought of yet. After I had my baby, she checked up on me and answered even more questions I had. She helped me make informed decisions and have a great birthing experience! I couldn’t recommend her enough!

    Katie T.

    Alisha went above & beyond during my birth! She had all the right suggestions, she did pressure point massage, singing rocking gently side to side, changing positions, held me, all of which got Me through the transition. Through my pregnancy, labor and birth experience, Alisha Meyer has been someone who has made this experience truly wonderful. During the labor and birth she was accommodating, gentle, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging through the whole process. I was stunned by her calmness and confidence that made me feel comfortable to be around her during my labor. I trusted her the entire time. Furthermore, I’m thankful to have been able to have her during my birth experience and would recommend her to anyone that needs a Birth Sister!

    P. Marshall

    Alisha has been my Birth Sister for 3 of my 4 of my births. I have watched her grow in her knowledge love passion and understanding as a Birth Sister. As she continues to save space for all birthing mothers, she opens a new part of herself up to that vulnerable space. Her presence at my births are calm strong reassuring, and she is physically powerful as well which as a Birth Sister is so amazing when you need counter pressure lol At my daughter’s birth my midwife asked if Alisha could catch my daughter as part of her training as a student midwife, I said yes.
    It was a difficult labor and birth but it was beautiful none the less. But that was the moment I knew Alisha wasn’t going anywhere, she was serious and passionate about birth work. Dedicated. My daughter was born in the caul (or the amniotic sac) and when Alisha caught her it exploded all over her. Obviously nature is nature and I had no control over this but I began to feel embarrassed after my shock lol but Alisha was glowing still in that same place of holding space for me so I could continue to grow and harness my strength.
    Even though she was drenched! She’s not afraid of the mess the chaos, the love, and the beauty. She becomes vulnerable with you and yet still a touchstone for your own strength as well. I’m blessed to have had her be a part of my birthing experience.

    Jolene R.